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Landscape Maintenance

We offer specialty maintenance to keep your garden healthy and looking great. Our plant health care specialists will meet with you and evaluate the specific maintenance issues that your garden will need. Many of the newer sustainable and native plants require specialty care, seasonal pruning, and water management. Our landscape maintenance focus on this type of care. We offer a wide range of visit schedules to best match your landscape’s needs.

Creative Concepts Landscape Maintenance Services

  • In home consultation
  • Evaluate landscape and overall plant health
  • Create individualized landscape maintenance plan
  • Evaluate changing needs and overall analysis twice yearly
  • Replace old, damaged, and misshapen plant material
  • Work to keep integrity of original design layout
  • Monthly, bi-monthly, and weekly maintenance
  • Specialty Pruning
  • Annual / biannual / quarterly cleanups
  • Brush clearance
  • Container planting, annual color along with alternatives
  • Fertilization
  • Soil analysis, soil amendments
  • Turf care and recommendations on drought tolerant alternatives, such as UC Davis’ UC Verde Buffalograss
  • Water management- hydrozones

Servicing both commercial and residential properties as a licensed landscape contractor, Creative Concepts establishes a landscape maintenance plan to ensure that your garden is beautiful and that the overall plant life is thriving. As the gardens evolve throughout the year, our maintenance plan will help you enjoy the seasonal aspects of your landscape, using proper garden techniques to usher in the seasonal changes along the way.

Sustainable and native plants will be specialty pruned according to their type and the season. Some plants require hard pruning, others gradual pruning throughout the year. Dividing of perennials, placement of additional plant material, and overall shaping will be provided by our specialty maintenance crew.

Our landscape maintenance package includes monthly, quarterly, or biannual visits to assess the overall health of your plant material, and can be combined with Irrigation and Outdoor Lighting services.

Creative Concepts Maintenance Packages


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