2012-05-04_10-30-05_208 (2016_08_20 22_59_12 UTC)
2012-10-12_10-30-17_876 (2016_08_20 22_59_12 UTC)
2012-11-12_12-20-33_302 (2016_08_20 22_59_12 UTC)
IMAG0004 (2016_08_20 22_59_12 UTC)
2014-01-18_12-55-50_125 (2016_08_20 22_59_12 UTC)
20140604_160754 (2016_08_20 22_59_12 UTC)
20140604_160801 (2016_08_20 22_59_12 UTC)
20140606_100122 (2016_08_20 22_59_12 UTC)
20161122_103629 (2016_11_24 23_40_13 UTC)
20170118_131643 (2017_01_21 17_29_52 UTC)
Fence & Gravel
IMG_20150901_102256 (2016_08_20 22_59_12 UTC)
IMG_20151224_100927 (2016_08_20 22_59_12 UTC)
IMG_20160223_074504 (2016_08_20 22_59_12 UTC)
Concrete & stone Driveway
IMG_20160310_184147 (2016_08_20 22_59_12 UTC)
Inner arts sennecio (2017_05_16 14_47_50 UTC)
Mountain (2017_05_16 14_47_50 UTC)
Raised Planter Beds 2
Raised Planter Beds
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Since 1995, Creative Concepts Landscape Management, Inc. has been creating beautiful landscape spaces throughout Los Angeles. The company was originally owned and operated by Claudine Josselyn-Ordookhanian who spent much of her young life in her grandfather’s garden.

Originally, Creative Concepts was solely a landscape maintenance company, but when her husband, Edward Ordookhanain, came on board, he expanded the operation to a full service landscape design, installation, and maintenance company. 

Creative Concepts Landscape Management, Inc. offers green solutions for our clients. We strive to make responsible changes, using permeable hardscape materials, reduce water waste, and plant more sustainable landscapes. We often collaborate with our son, Michael R. Morales, who specializes in 3D rendering and auto cad landscape design. Claudine views the garden as an ever changing narrative that mirrors life, believing that the garden is a place for curiosity and play.

Want more information about horticulture? take a look at our horticultural blog.

I highly recommend Ed for all your landscaping needs. He’s always on time, knowledgeable and experienced. He turned a completely neglected old back yard into modern and Zen backyard.

H Esmalian