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Creative Concepts Landscape Management is a Los Angeles based company specializing in custom landscape design and installation. We are dedicated to creating beautiful spaces throughout our city, one property at a time.

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Raised Planter Beds
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With all of our clients, commercial and residential, we take the time to understand what is needed from our service. Is it a water efficient irrigation upgrade or an entirely new landscape? We will work together to develop a plan that makes sense for you.

Give us a call, we are open for business!

We will set up a complementary consultation for your property (for locations within or service area). Once a landscape concept is in place, we combine form, scale, and balance with hardscape and plant material choices. We provide responsible landscape services, installation and commercial maintenance, which reduce water usage and environmental impact, while creating beautiful outdoor spaces. We prefer to use permeable hardscape material, smart water irrigation systems, and low water use sustainable plant material, as well as California native plants.

We believe the design should reflect the existing architecture and style of the property, the client’s overall design ideas and personal taste, and lastly, provide a connection to the surrounding flora and natural landscape of the neighborhood.

Once the design is in place, our expert team will begin your landscape project. We work with our clients throughout the entire project, guaranteeing that the landscape service and workmanship far exceeds our client’s expectations.

As a full service Los Angeles based landscape contractor, installation and maintenance company, we present our clients with many service options, offering specialty maintenance, from weekly to quarterly services, annual cleanups, irrigation checks and repairs, as well as low voltage lighting checks, repairs, and installation. 

Contact us today to beautify your landscape. Want more landscape information? Take a look at our horticultural blog and our page on Yelp page.