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Landscape lighting adds dramatic effect to your property and security for your family. It also can extend the enjoyment of your landscape late into the evening on those warm summer nights (or those chilly winter nights, if you’re rugged like that, or have a nice fire pit).

Landscape lighting will brighten up pathways and accentuate textures and features with flair.  Your landscape will turn into a whole new world after the sun goes down. Watch as the shadows of your plants grow in beautiful form across the side of your house, and the graceful limbs of your tree are revealed with the dramatic touch of dancing lights. Your property is the playground of the lighting Gods! The clash between light and dark! Or just a cozy, gently glowing warmth to ease your mind into the evening. Lighting will create the mood, whatever mood that may be.

Landscape lighting also offers safety and security for your family and friends. The lights can be used to illuminate pathways and dark corners, revealing the way home as you come in from a long day, or are welcoming friends for an evening soiree. Impress the neighbors, and yourself, with uplights on your new house addition, or add new life, through light, to your beloved established home.

There are many types, models, and brands of landscape lighting fixtures. Designing a system can be complex, but we would love to help you.

Contact us today for a consultation and let us guide the way to a whole new experience with landscape lighting!


Creative Concepts Landscape Lighting Services

  • In home evaluation and consultation
  • Repair existing lighting
  • Convert, modify, and adjust lighting
  • Design, plan, and install a new lighting system based on what you need
  • Services to check, maintain, and repair lighting system
  • Switch to low halogen lighting, and low voltage circuits
  • Customized lighting system
  • Solar lighting
  • Convert halogen systems to LED
  • Security lighting


We recommend low voltage fixtures that use less energy. Up lighting of trees, down lighting of garden paths, and back lighting of key garden elements highlight your landscape. Our team will design a landscape lighting system that is customized to your home and property.


As a Licensed Landscape Contractor, we offer both commercial and residential installation to insure your lighting offers ambiance, as well as the safety and security of your property after dark. All of our fixtures and power use are cost efficient and environmentally responsible. We will install a remote system so you can efficiently control your lighting system from your phone.

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I highly recommend Ed for all your landscaping needs. He’s always on time, knowledgeable and experienced. He turned a completely neglected old back yard into modern and Zen backyard.

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