Landscape Features, Fences, Pathways, & Patios

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Fence & Gravel
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Landscape features, fences, and hardscape add structure, security, and beauty to your property. We will custom design and build a meandering stepping stone pathway surrounded by flowers to a beautifully finished and secure fence.  Step through the sleek gate down a boulder strewn creek bed to your inviting outdoor lounge. Your landscape is a realm of possibilities.  


Fences & Gates

  • Repair or design and install
  • Green fences: hedges and trees
  • Traditional picket fences
  • Modern horizontal wood fences
  • Wrought iron
  • Vinyl

We custom build our fences and gates so that they are well incorporated into the landscape. Fences and gates are major features within a landscape. Often, they actually set the tone for the planting. There are many type of fences and gates, from redwood to wrought iron, and Creative Concepts Landscape installs them all.

Paths & Patios 

  • Repair or design and install
  • Walkways, driveways, and patios made from stone, concrete, brick, pavers, stepping stones, decomposed granite, and gravel

Outdoor Living

  • Lounging areas
  • Patios and Decks
  • Verandas
  • Patio covers and arbors

Water features

  • Dry Creeks – River Rocks – Boulders – Plants


Landscaping can be just as much about stone and concrete as it is about plants. Welcome to the world of patios. Do you like rustic flagstone, stately slate, or modern concrete pavers? Patios can be fit into any type of landscape design.


  • Flagstone/slate: These are flat, somewhat thin, pieces of stone. They can either be uniform in shape or have a more naturalistic, broken edge mosaic look.
  • Concrete Pavers: These pavers are individual slabs of concrete. They often have a modern, clean aesthetic.
  • Paver Stones: These are usually a little smaller than flagstone or concrete paver pieces. They are often interlocking and made of stone or concrete. The design possibilities are endless with paver stones.


We often recommend installing permeable material within the hardscape. Something such as decomposed granite, gravel, sand, or Mexican beach pebble. These materials add aesthetic appeal and allow water to soak into the soil below. Not only does this discourage water runoff and pooling, but it also helps the soil’s biosphere. Ecological is practical, as it turns out.

Patios add a great place to relax or host friends and family as you take in the serenity of your landscape. Contact us today for a consultation on what type of patio would work best for your home!

Want more information about horticulture? take a look at our horticultural blog.

I highly recommend Ed for all your landscaping needs. He’s always on time, knowledgeable and experienced. He turned a completely neglected old back yard into modern and Zen backyard.

H Esmalian