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Poor drainage and excessive erosion can be avoided in the landscape. A good drain will remove surface water away from structures, prevent water run-off, and route water away from your property. We come up with creative solutions whether it is to repair an existing system or install a new one.


Creative Concepts Drainage and Erosion Control Services


  • In home evaluation
  • Repair existing drainage or convert and modify
  • Design and install a personalized drainage system
  • Install more efficient irrigation system
  • Repair and locate broken lines
  • Unclog drains
  • Redirect water runoff from irrigation and downspouts
  • Install water catch basins with grates for water holding and retention
  • Install French drains for subsurface water channeling
  • Install sump pumps to remove water from low point of property
  • Install rain barrels

Erosion Control

  • In home evaluation
  • Repair existing erosion control or convert and modify
  • Design, install, and maintain an erosion controlled landscape that fits your needs
  • Install various permeable materials, such as porous stones and interlocking concrete pavers
  • Natural material and specialty cloth, which covers slopes and other areas affected by erosion
  • Retaining wall installation
  • Install erosion control netting, designed to slow the water from moving across the surface of the slope
  • Install specific plant material, which will aid in anchoring slopes and soil
  • Specialty mulching designed to help keep surface soil in place
  • Install terraces. This can reduce erosion while creating more usable garden space.


Creative Concepts designs, installs, and maintains efficient drainage and erosion controlled landscapes that will save you money and headaches.


Even with the minimal amount of rain Southern California usually receives, having proper water drainage and erosion control is vital to all landscapes. Here is a brief breakdown of drainage and erosion control:


  • Drainage – this is the way in which water runs off (or not) from the property, or percolates into the soil. Without proper drainage a landscape can become mired in pools of sitting water. This is not only unsightly, but will damage most plants that have submerged roots, and can damage structural foundations. The same risk is there when water is channeled towards your house. Proper drainage channels water away from the foundation of all structures on the property. The best drainage will disperse water into the soil, adding to the natural aquifer of your landscape for use by trees and plants. All excess water, when it rains, should be channeled off the property.
  • Erosion Control: Erosion is the natural displacement of soil. The most common cause of this is when water carries soil grains from their resting position to another location. Erosion is most pronounced on slopes, and can cause unsightly soil deposits and damage plants and structures.


Making changes in the landscape to mitigate drainage and erosion issues are quite common. From installing French drains to soil retention terracing, the remedies for your landscape are practical and, often, visually appealing. Creating terraced planers out of a large slope will add beauty and vitality to your landscape. Drainage and erosion control issues are important to remedy, and add an interesting challenge that can lead to a more beautiful landscape.

Contact us today for a consultation on how your landscape can be improved with drainage and erosion control.

Want more information about horticulture? take a look at our horticultural blog.

Want more information about horticulture? take a look at our horticultural blog.

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