Landscape Design Philosophy

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What is landscape design? It is a philosophy, aesthetic, and functional form of a landscape. These aspects can change across cultures and specific needs for your property. Much of landscape design comes down to personal preference for your property. Of course, there a particular aspects that must be adhered to, such as avoiding channeling water towards a building’s foundation.

It is also important to remember that newly installed plants and trees will grow, so enough space should be allotted in between them. If this is not done, especially between trees, overcrowding can become a serious problem.

On to some of the fun questions in landscape design: do you want a modern, clean aesthetic or a rustic cottage look? California native or desert-scape? There really is not a wrong answer (depending on the style of your house), but it is important to install plants that have the capability to thrive in the local climate. Creating a lush, tropical garden in Southern California will require a lot of supplemental water, and more maintenance. Such a design can lead to high costs and potential heartbreak (if it doesn’t work out or once you see your water bill). There are, however, ways to accomplish a tropical like aesthetic with Southern California appropriate plants that suggest the tropics.

This is what proper landscape design does – it creates something that best incorporates the client’s wishes with the natural climate, ecology, and the existing conditions of the property. It is complex work, but we will be more than happy to help guide you on the path to a beautiful landscape.

We collaborate with each of our clients to decide together what is needed from a landscape service such as ours. Whether a full renovation is in order, a small repair, an area of the landscape needs to be refreshed, we will evaluate these issues and present a solution for you.

It is not our desire to turn Los Angeles solely into a desert landscape. We believe that low water usage landscapes can feature a wide range of design, plant material, and creativity.

Our team at Creative Concepts Landscape Management will work with you to design and install the garden you imagine.

  • We are dedicated to choosing material that fits the general style and surroundings of your property.
  • We use permeable material for hardscape to reduce water run-off. Sustainable plants and native plants are our first choice, but there can be areas, or pockets, that may require a bit more care, and a bit more water.
  • Our designs range in style from traditional gardens with boxwoods and magnolias, cottage gardens with lavenders and sages, to low water use succulent gardens. We like to incorporate plants that foster the natural life of hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees!

Our skilled tradesman will work diligently and effectively to provide you with the landscape you envision, and as always, our goal is to exceeded all expectations! 

Want more information about horticulture? take a look at our horticultural blog.

I highly recommend Ed for all your landscaping needs. He’s always on time, knowledgeable and experienced. He turned a completely neglected old back yard into modern and Zen backyard.

H Esmalian