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Can you tell which one is grass and which one is artificial turf?

Grass lawns in Southern California are a classic look for the established home. For the lawn loving, but water and maintenance conscious among us, a question has arisen – have a grass lawn or artificial turf?

Having a beautiful, green lawn is a staple of many landscapes throughout southern California. Some things to consider when considering a grass lawn:

  • With a properly designed, maintained, and programmed sprinkler irrigation system, a lawn will not be an excessive drain on the water bill.
  • A grass lawn cools the air and provides a great space to play on. It also adds that beautiful natural green expanse to the landscape.
  • Grass lawns do take a considerable amount of regular maintenance (regular mowing, fertilizer, potential herbicide, irrigation).
  • Their irrigation systems need to be working properly, which takes skilled upkeep.
  • A grass lawn’s root system adds organic matter to the soil. This helps create a healthier biosphere for the landscape’s environment. You will not find this quality in artificial turf. But with that said…

Artificial turf is becoming more popular in the residential landscape. Some things to consider:

  • It can be a great place to play a ball game on without the need to mow frequently.
  • Artificial turf gets hot when it is exposed to the sun. It also takes more maintenance than many people realize.
  • It must be regularly cleaned either by hosing it down, or by having sprinklers in place that periodically wash it.
  • Artificial turf needs periodic silica sand applications. This sand needs to be brushed into the fabric, so the base underneath the artificial turf remains full and level. Without this regular maintenance, the artificial turf with become dirty, stained, wrinkled, and eventually torn.
  • If the area that you want to install a lawn gets a lot of shade, artificial turf might be a better option. It’s not growing, so it doesn’t need light for photosynthesis.
  • Overall, less water will be needed than a grass lawn.

Creative Concepts Landscape has extensive experience with both grass lawns and artificial turf. We can inspect your property and make recommendations based on your landscape’s specific qualities and your needs. Contact us today to set up a consultation.