Drip Irrigation - Save Money While You Save Water

Drip irrigation lines before mulch is applied to cover them.

Water efficiency is the name of the game here in Southern California. Any well designed and built irrigation system will be water efficient, however, drip irrigation, with its targeted watering, is often the most efficient watering source for planters. Most every low water use landscape will have veins of drip tubing running through it.

Drip irrigation uses polyethylene tubing that places water over the plants’ root zones. The water drips out (hence the name) via emitters either embedded in the tubing or attached to it. This type of irrigation goes directly to the soil, minimizing surface evaporation. It is important to put a layer of mulch over all drip lines. The mulch protects the lines from foot traffic, sun, and exposure damage. The mulch cover also increases soil moisture retention. Drip lines and mulch go hand in hand. If you see exposed drip lines out there in the world, it’s being done incorrectly.

Drip irrigation is designed for use in planters, not lawns. Whether it is for low water use shrubs or fruit trees, a properly designed drip irrigation system will efficiently water your plants, equaling healthy greenery and a lower water bill.

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