Achillea millefolium


The Achillea millefolium also known as the California Yarrow is a drought tolerant perennial herb native to California and is also found elsewhere in North America. Yarrows grow to about 3 feet tall with flowers branching near the top.



Palmer’s Indian Mallow


Abutilon Palmeri is also known as Palmer’s Indian Mallow is a rare species of the Malvaceae Family (mallows) native the southwestern U.S. and northern parts of Mexico. This plant is drought-tolerant, has branches and stems that are hairy with a red-brown coloring to the twigs, and the Bark ranges from green to brown, grow this plant in rocky or sandy well-draining soil for best results. 



Sphaeralcea ambigua


Sphaeralcea ambigua, commonly known as Desert Globemallow or Apricot Mallow, is a perennial shrub that’s native to parts of California, Nevada, Utah, and Arizona in the U.S. These plants grow to about 3 feet in height and spreads to 2-4 feet in width.



Ceanothus, or California lilac


A vibrant flowering shrub native to North America. It’s drought tolerant, has a fragrance, and blooms from late spring into early summer.



Dendromecon harfordii


Also known as the Channel Islands tree poppy and the Harford’s tree poppy. This plant is part of the poppy family and is drought tolerant. 



Agave spp.


Agave is a type of monocot native to the hot regions of the Americas, although some are also native to tropical areas of South America. These plants are great for southern California because they are also drought tolerant.



Sisyrinchium Bellum


This beautiful wildflower is drought-tolerant, creates grassy bluish-green leaves, and blooms in the spring and summer.



California Fuchsia (Epilobium canum or Zauschneria)   


This plant is a subshrub growing to 60 cm tall and is drought tolerant. Flowers vary from white, pink to orange, and red with gray or green foliage.



California Redbud (Cercis occidentalis)


A small shrub or tree that’s drought tolerant and blooms from March to May. It also has thin, brown branches that bear bright pink or magenta flowers. 



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By Sarah Ukpong