Olive trees have a long history intertwined with humanity. Since days long before we have a written record of, humans were cultivating olives for their fruit and oil. These old gnarled trees are livegivers.

In our modern era, the olive tree still gives, not only its fruit, but also it beauty and shade. Olives are particularly well adapted to the climate and environments of Southern California. Are we not blessed? Their low water requirements sync perfectly with our low water resources. A simple drip system when they are young will help to provide supplemental water when the rains don’t come, but as these trees grow older, less water is needed.

Oh, you say you don’t want olive fruit dropping on your patio, staining the flagstone? Not a problem. There are multiple types of olive trees that are fruitless, or almost fruitless. These cultivars tend to be smaller trees (ten to fifteen feet tall at full height), which also works well in our compacted, often congested city. A small but beautiful olive tree in a small but beautiful garden in the middle of a metropolis will provide shade and perhaps some peace of mind. To sit under the olive tree, catch your breath, and just maybe for a moment see the absolutely beauty of existence is just an olive branch away.

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