Sprinklers, along with all forms of irrigation, need maintenance to keep them in good working condition. We are here to do that for you.


Irrigation Repair

You do not have to have irrigation in your landscape here in Southern California, but it is highly recommended (very low/no water landscapes are discussed in another article). Basically, you do need irrigation in Southern California. Irrigation comes in two forms – either you have an automated irrigation system, or you hand water (and hand water frequently). Most people do not have the time or inclination to regularly water their landscape (although playing with a hose is still fun as an adult, just so you know).

So, you have an irrigation system and you keep having problems with it. Or you have an irrigation system and you’re not sure if it’s even working. Even if you have an irrigation system and it’s humming along beautifully, it will need maintenance. Your irrigation system, much like the human body, needs to be continually taken care of. With moving water running through it, irrigation systems will slowly (sometimes quickly, unfortunately) come apart. Once again, things fall apart.

Contact us and we can schedule an irrigation system check. Our crew will run through and test the entire system. Sometimes only minor adjustments are needed (such as sprinkler nozzle replacements and drip line adjustments), and sometimes we find larger errors, such as malfunctioning valves or controllers, or breaks in an irrigation line.

Irrigation systems, when well built and designed, will bring your landscape to life, and although they will eventually need repairs done, we are here to do that for you. Contact us today to talk about what can be done for your irrigation system!