A lush, yet water wise garden in La Canada.


What is a garden? It can mean many different things. There a vegetable gardens, lush gardens, low water use gardens, rock gardens, formal gardens, and natural gardens (the list goes on from there). You can almost put any word in front of garden, and there you have it. So, with the vastness of possibility in front of you, what will it be? What type of garden are you envisioning for your landscape?

First off, what do you want to be able to do in your garden? Grow food and get your hands dirty? A vegetable garden is what you shall receive then. How about fruit trees? A fruit tree garden, aka an orchard, would make a beautiful, relaxing, and tasty addition to your backyard. Do you want to take a walk through a colorful landscape, something that Claude Monet himself would be inspired by? Absolutely! Although here in Southern California, we don’t get rain like they do in Northern France, we still have many beautiful, and colorful, plants that grow well in our climate.

Do you want a lush, tropical garden? Well… I hear Hawaii’s property prices are slightly less than Los Angeles! But really, there are certain plant types that can give you the feeling of the tropics, while still being better suited for Southern California.

Being water efficient and smart with our limited resources is what we strive for when landscaping a garden. Choosing the right plant and tree, the right garden, for the right location takes experience, and we are happy to share that with you to create a beautiful garden in your landscape. Contact us today for a free consultation and we will put together a plan for your new garden. Then we will get going on landscaping a garden for you!