A new landscape, or cleaning up the existing landscape, is like adding a room to your house. It beautifies, adding to the spirit, and beautifies, adding to the value of the property.

You look out over your landscape and keep thinking that it needs work, but what? What to do with your landscape is one of the age old questions. Greek philosophers wrote of it. Maybe – a lot of their writings has been lost. Regardless, here’s a question to get started – do you want to install new features in your landscape or refresh what is already there? Let’s take a quick look at these basic options.

Installation of New Landscape Features

Basically, do you want to add something new to your landscape? The options are vast in range, and include:

  • A new lawn
  • New planters with drip irrigation
  • New plants, shrubs, and trees
  • A patio and/or walkway
  • Terraces and erosion control
  • Landscape lighting
  • Fences and gates

The list goes on. You may or may not have an idea of what you want. One way start to figure it out is by looking around your neighborhood. What looks good? What is the general style? You do not have to copy your neighbors, obviously, but it can help to get an idea of what you want. And we are here to help. We can set up a complementary consultation to chat with you, see the property, and come up with a plan for a new landscape.

Landscape Revival 

Say you had a landscape installed a few years ago and it is now overgrown and full of weeds. No problem, we can clean it up and get the landscape back to its original intention and look. Irrigation systems, like all things in life, eventually fall apart. The centre cannot hold. Not to worry, though, we can check and test the irrigation and repair it back to good working order. Yes, things fall apart, but they also come back together with care and hard work. We will do the hard work.

Some possible landscape refreshment needs:

  • A mulch touch up in the planters
  • Spot planting to fill in planters
  • Irrigation refurbishment
  • A general landscape cleanup
  • Seeding a lawn
  • Fertilization of lawns and shrubs
  • Tree trimming

And the list goes on…

Contact us today to set up a complementary consultation for you property. Whether it’s a whole new landscape or a revival of your existing landscape, we will beautify your property!