Outdoor barbecues (aka BBQ) and grills were invented for Southern California. Maybe not, but they do fit in perfectly. As spring and summer arrive, let’s get ready (hopefully) to be able to host friends and family… and if we still cannot invite all our friends and loved ones over (to future readers, this was written during the ’20 pandemic), at least we can grill up some tasty food for ourselves and immediate family.

Grills and barbecues make a statement in the landscape. Whether it’s part of an entire outdoor kitchen, or a standalone piece, they give your landscape a sense of establishment.

Propane mobile grills are certainly the easiest to bring in, but if you are serious about cooking or hosting, you might consider something larger and a bit more permanent. This can mean an entire outdoor kitchen in which the grill/bbq is part of, or a single built-in barbecue.  You might also need lighting and electrical, and perhaps a pergola to cover the area. These features can be as simple or as extensive as your needs and desires allow.

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