Patio lighting is a must here in Southern California. If you have a patio, and care to use it, being able to extend your enjoyment late into the evening on these warm spring and summer nights adds a whole new dimension to outdoor relaxation.

Whether you are hosting friends, family, or just having a romantic evening with that special person, patio lighting will set the mood. Soft pathway lighting will lead your guests, or yourself, though the landscape to your patio, whereupon they will find the warm lights gently illuminating the hardscape, defining its features. Uplighting nearby will highlight the graceful structure of your landscape’s trees and plants. What would eyes be without light? What would light be without eyes? Admire the beauty of the world around us and explore the subtle dance of lights in your landscape from your relaxing patio. That’s the life! We work hard so we can enjoy these calming and contemplative moments.

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