Even plants that do well in hot climates will need a little extra love during a heat wave.



Summer heat waves are part of life in Southern California. These 110 degree monsters can severely damage plants in the landscape, especially young plants and plant types that are not naturally accustomed to our climate. What can be done to help mitigate, or prevent, the worst of the heat damage?

Mulch. Always have a layer of mulch in the planters. This helps to retain soil moisture and also helps to keep the soil, and root structures a little cooler.

Give your plants a deep watering in the morning. Irrigation systems are great for the continual upkeep of plants, and they will help in times of high heat, but brining the hose out and giving plants a deep soak on the mornings of those 100 degree plus days will really help. Conversely, you do NOT want to give any coast live oak trees a deep soak in the summer. These trees mostly go dormant during the hottest months and extra water can damage their roots. These trees evolved in Southern California and they know how to handle the seasons.

Do not have your plants trimmed in the intense heart, unless absolutely necessary. Trimming plants adds stress to them, and although it is often needed, it’s best not to do it during the most intensely hot times of the year.

These are some simple ways to help your landscape, but there are many more. Contact us today to set up a complementary consultation. We will come to your property and come up with a plan that will help your landscape to be as healthy.