Creative Concepts Landscape will custom build raised planter boxes for you.


We are fortunate here in Southern California to have a growing season that lasts all year. With so many planting options over the seasons, why not start a veggie garden? Growing your own fresh vegetables is a great way to help balance out your diet and reconnect with the soil and earth. Creative Concepts Landscape has many years of experience building raised planter boxes.


What are the components of a raised planter box, you ask? There’s the raised planter box itself, nutrient rich potting soil, an irrigation drip system, and, of course, the plants. The irrigation system may be optional; however, if you do not have one, you will need to stay on top of the watering yourself. Some folks will really enjoy that, while others prefer the convenience of an automated system.


Irrigated redwood planter boxes


Planter boxes can be built in many different shapes and sizes, but we have a couple recommendations:


  • They should be built with enough height so you can do the gardening work without stooping over too much
  • The planter should be made out of redwood with a non-toxic preservative.  The redwood looks great and decomposes more slowly than many other wood types. Because the soil will be consistently moist (in order to provide the proper environment for the vegetables), you will need the wood to be treated with a preservative to slow the wood’s decay. Because you will be eating what is grown in those boxes, you do not want any potentially harmful preservatives leaching into the soil from the wood.


The raised planter boxes should be placed in an area of the yard that gets the most sun. Sometimes it can be tricky to fit these boxes in the sunniest spot of a small yard; however, Creative Concepts Landscape will find a way.


Raised planter boxes can be fit into most any yard.


Once the location is chosen, the boxes built, and irrigation installed, we simply import some nice, rich topsoil and it is ready to go. The plant/vegetable types will change with the seasons. This is an excellent way to get in rhythm with the temperatures and irrigation needs of our region.


Raised planter beds are a great way to get involved with your landscape and provide your own fresh vegetables, fruits, and herbs throughout the year. Contact us today for a consultation. We would love to build custom raised planter boxes for you!


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By Daniel Williams

Client Liaison for Creative Concepts Landscape Management