Spring will soon be here in Southern California. As the temperature warms and daylight increases, your plants will begin to grow. It’s time for a spring cleaning of the landscape.

Why clean now? Why not wait for the end of the season, and then trim them back? Trimming and pruning plants is necessary for all yards, but cutting a plant is injuring it. Mostly, they are able to compartmentalize with the injury, but the more the cuts, and the larger the cuts, the more they are being injured. Do a spring cleaning now, in early spring, and it will take less overall work to get your landscape in shape, less overall plant material to be removed, and therefore less impact on the plants.

Once the growing season starts in earnest, the plants will already have form to further grow into. It’s also best to trim plants before they begin to bud, or you will cut all the buds off and you won’t have those beautiful spring flowers.

All landscapes need maintenance, even when they are considered low maintenance. The growing season will continue into summer, and lightly trimming in midsummer will further help your landscape to be well cared for.  Finally, a more comprehensive cleanup in fall, once the growing season ends, will help to keep your landscape aesthetically pleasing into winter. Different landscapes need different amounts of maintenance; however, they all need love and care. Letting your landscape grow un-maintained will make it all the more invasive and intensive when it finally comes time to clean it up. Contact us today and we will be happy to walk your property with you and come up with a periodic cleaning plan that makes sense for your yard, budget, and the health of your plants.