A freshly cleaned landscape in La Crescenta


Time for a Summer Cleanup

The summer heat is here and the yard is looking a little sad. The plants are overgrown and starting to brown. Looking out over your landscape in the early morning light, you can still see the beauty within, but as the intense summer sunlight starts to stream down, you’re just a little embarrassed that you’ve let the yard go.

It’s time for a summer cleanup.  Let’s trim the plants, remove the weeds, and get that irrigation in good working order. Over spring, the plants grew at a fantastic rate. What was looking full and lush is now starting to wither in the summer heat. Although you do not want to trim back plants severely during the heat, which will put too much stress on them, you do want the brown ends and dead branches removed. This will get the plant looking better and it will help the plant reserve and use needed nutrients and water for parts that are still growing.

Removing the weeds is a no brainer. This can be done any season, however, now that summer is here, you might notice a lot of especially unsightly brown weeds throughout the landscape. Let’s go ahead and get those out of here.

Perhaps most importantly, we will check the irrigation system. Even if you had it checked last year, it’s time for another go through. Irrigation systems are complex, and they have moving water running through them (if they’re working at all). Running water is one of the most powerful forces on earth, it literally moves mountains, and although your irrigation pipes are not moving that kind of force, it is still enough to continually knock things around and get the system out of alignment. Your plants might be in desperate need of more, or less, water. We will handle that for you.

Finally, while we are at it, let’s get more mulch in the planters. Nothing helps a landscape like mulch. It looks great and it helps the soil retain water. That means less irrigation needed. That means more money saved in the long run.

We will get your landscape back in good shape with a summer cleanup. Contact us today for a free consultation!