Creative Concepts Landscape has been cleaning up and beautifying properties for over 30 years. A spring landscape cleanup is a lot of physical work (which we will do), and the results are well worth it. Your property will be more beautiful, more functional, and more efficient.



What do these cleanups entail, you ask? At Creative Concepts Landscape, we custom tailor each cleanup for your individual property’s needs, which usually includes some combination of the following:


  • Careful pruning of the plants: Our team will prune the plants according to their need. Some plants will be carefully hand pruned to retain their natural, and healthy, shape, while more formal hedges will be trimmed to achieve that clean, well-manicured aesthetic. Due to the summer heat, excessive pruning can damage plants. A light trimming is usually best.


  • Light trimming of trees, if needed: Winter is usually the best time to prune trees, but if there is a branch that is causing potential harm (such as a damaged limb that might fall), then summer is an appropriate time to prune. This needs to be done prudently, on a case-by-case basis. Our team at Creative Concepts Landscape will happily make recommendations based on your needs, with the tree’s health in mind.


  • Removal of weeds: Weed removal can be difficult work, but our team has the tools for success. We will diligently remove the weeds by their roots throughout the property, helping to ensure that they do not immediately grow back.


  • Check, adjustment, and repair of the irrigation systemHere’s another big one for Southern California, especially in summerMost properties we see have irrigation systems, and most of those system need some maintenance. Our team will check and adjust the irrigation controller for proper seasonal water times, run and test the entire system, make adjustments to sprinkler nozzles, and report our findings of any larger issues, such as breaks in the lines. We will then repair it, so your plants have the water they need as the weather warms up.


  • Mulch Addition: Mulch is one of the best things that can be done for your landscape. Applying a thick layer of mulch will help to protect your drip lines, help to keep weeds from growing, increase the soil moisture retention level (which is very important in the summer heat), and make your planter more aesthetically pleasing. The only potential downside is that mulch is labor intensive to move and apply, but no worries, Creative Concepts Landscape will do all the work for you.


  • Haul away all green waste from the property: Finally, Creative Concepts Landscape will remove all the trimmings and green waste from the property. By the end of the cleanup, there is usually multiple cubic yards of these trimmings and cuttings. Far more than would ever fit into our municipal green waste bins. If you compost, then some of it can go there, but that would only use a small fraction. Instead of letting it pile up and sit in the back of your yard for a few years, we will haul it all away. The job’s done and you are set to enjoy your beautiful property.


There you have it, the basics of a spring landscape cleanup. Interested? Take a look at our Yelp page, set up a consultation, or give us a call directly. 818 248-7436.


We are looking forward to hearing from you.



By Daniel Williams

Client Liaison for Creative Concepts Landscape Management